The pass away of Madam J. Bernard-Tamaëla, President of the Republic of the Moluccas in Exile.

With deep respect we want to inform you about the pass away of Madam J. Berhard-Tamaëla, President of the Republic of the Moluccas In Excile.

President Bernhard-Tamaëla only had one aim:
Recognition of the political Right of Self Determination of the People of the Moluccas.

Madam Bernard-Tamaëla had annualy attended the United Nations Human Rights Meetings in Geneva and New York.

In October 1994 Madam Bernard-Tamaela had a meeting with the Chairman of the Russian Parliament (Doema) together with Dr. hc. Randolph Delano Muller, Vice President.

In February 1998 Madam Bernard-Tamaëla attended the Coronation of the Royal King of Hawaii together with Dr. hc. Randolph Delano Muller.

We will remember Madam J. Bernard-Tamaëla as a truely Freedom Fighter for a Free  Maluku / Moluccas.

PDF File Official Statement Mrs. Bernard


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